Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well as you all know by now that it is only 100 day left until Deathly Hallows Part One. Well I am not going to talk about that right now. Right now I am going to talk about two parts in the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie. (SPOILER ALERT!) Remember when Harry finds out that Sirius is the reason for his parents deaths. Well remember when he yells at Hermione. Remember he yells, "HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!" Remember? Well yeah that is one part in the movie series that I hate. It is so dumb, and so cheesy. It is mostly cheesy when he is *cough* crying! I mean there aren't even tears in his eyes, but I will give Dan Radcliff this, that he has gotten to be a lot better actor over the years! I mean his work in Half-Blood Prince was great. I'm not talking about that though right now. Maybe tomorrow! Right now I am going to talk about another part of the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. Why am I saying that the last scene I discussed is cheesy. Well to show you how much better their acting has got, and how good it is going to be in the Deathly Hallows films. Now this other part of Prisoner of Azkaban was chosen for tonight's blog as our main topic. The other part was for Deathly Hallows, but now for the Main Topic (and then we will talk about 100 days of Deathly Hallows!) Okay you see the picture above right, well think about what you are seeing. Just think. . . . . . . . . . . Now what you are seeing is Sirius Black, Lupin, Harry, Ron, and Hermione in a room in the shrieking shack! That's not it though. You can see anger in Harry's face, but you can see a sense of curiosity. Hermione looking confused, and Ron well we can't see his face but I bet it would be filled with pain! I think we all know why! Lupin's face shows us that he is feeling well I'm not sure? Could you tell me what he's thinking? Well Sirius has a look of why can't these people understand what I am trying to do! Haha, now why is this important. Well it really isn't I just wanted to talk about this part in the movie so I thought that would be a good way to set it up, but now I think it was just a bunch of nonsense! Haha. Okay now about this scene in the movie. I think that they completely screwed it up from the book. There was a lot more to be explained, and the movie just cut a lot of it out. It kind of pisses me off, but it's just the movie but still! They cut out important parts in my mind! Like the history of the Map, and there nicknames! I mean isn't that important? Email me with your answer!

Now I have watched the Deathly Hallows trailer only 10 times. I know sad, but I plan on watching it at least 100 times by the end of the day! Promise! Okay! Because I am going to be more loyal to Harry Potter Cause's 100 days of Deathly Hallows Part One! This movie is going to be epic. I just literally can't wait for this movie! Part One isn't going to be as action-packed as Part Two, but both movies are going to be epic. I just hope Part One comes to DVD and Blu-Ray before Part Two is released in theaters. Tomorrow nights blog for this section of it I am going to talk about the end of the great phenomenon. So thanks for reading this blog! I hope you enjoyed it! :D


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