Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well it is time for another character Blog Post! As you can see i have decided to do a blog on the Ex-Auror Mad-Eye Moody! Why Moody? Well I have been thinking about the characters that (SPOILER ALERT!) have died within the books! Why am i thinking about them? Well because i am thinking about doing a tribute blog post here soon to all the wonderful character's that gave there lives in order to bring Lord Voldemort down. That is for another day though. So you can just call today a preview of the Harry Potter Cause's Tribute. Yeah lets call it that. Okay so Mad-Eye Moody! We all know his story right? Well i case anyone needs remembering of what an Auror is here I go. An Auror is a Dark Wizard catcher that works for the Ministry of Magic. Now Moody was the best. Half the cells in Azkaban are filled because of him. His job made him paranoid. Well now we all know how Moody came into the story of Harry Potter. Mad-Eye is in Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, I think he is mentioned in Half-Blood Prince (I know he is not in the movie but i think his name might be mentioned in the sixth book but i am not sure,) and we all know that he was in Deathly Hallows. Deathly Hallows was the book that Mad-Eye finally was beat in action, unfortunately. He was a great warrior all the way until the end. He died trying to protect Harry Potter, and to bring Lord Voldemort down. He was a great friend of the wonderful wizard Albus Dumbledore. Mad-Eye's real first name was Alastor Moody! He was a great wizard, and a very great mentor to many of wizards like Tonks and Mr. Weasley. When I read Deathly Hallows and got to the Chapter named Fallen Warrior, I though Hagrid was the one who died. He didn't though, but i knew by the name of the Chapter someone died. I was like WHO???? Then i got to the part when Bill came home to the Burrow, and when he said "Mad-Eye's dead," I dropped my book on the floor and just sat there tears coming up into my eyes. :'( It was a sad moment for me. I really liked Moody. He isn't my favorite character, but I still was very upset about finding out that Moody, like Hermione said, "He always seemed so tough," had died. My question to Jo is, why him? Why did he have to die? I know she has her reasons. I'm not wanting her to change anything, but I would like to know why she choose Mad-Eye to be killed. I know if he were here with us today he would tell us, "Constant Vigilance!" Well what were your thoughts about Mad-Eye Moody? What did you think of the greatest Auror of all time?

Well thanks for reading this Blog Post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it, even though at some points it was actually kind of hard to write. Now just remember this post was a preview of one of the many characters that will be in my Harry Potter Cause's Tribute. I am guessing that I will have that completed sometime next week. It is going to be one long post as there are many people to talk about! Well thanks again for reading, look back on tonight for another post! :D


92 more days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One comes to theaters. :)

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