Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess that Chapter? (Part 2)

Well as you can see, I have decided to do another Edition of Harry Potter Cause's Contest called "Guess that Chapter?" Just for new people i am going to tell you what you have to do! The picture above is a picture from one of the american chapter pictures within the Harry Potter Books. I want you to tell me via email (at the book title, chapter number, chapter title, the page number of this chapter, and your twitter username! The first one to email me wins a shout out on twitter, and gets to create there very own Blog Post for the Harry Potter Cause Blog. I will reply to the winners email telling them what to do then. I will post there Blog Post as soon as they give it to me via email, and i will let you know the winner the minute i get my first email with the correct answer! Well go ahead, GUESS THAT CHAPTER?

Now I know I said I was only going to do these once a week, but i changed my mind. I will starting next week, but I just thought we could do another for tonight! So Guess that Chapter!


Remember to vote on the poll to the side. It is the last day to vote. :)

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