Friday, August 6, 2010

This Is What's Worse Than Death

Cedric Diggory, poor Cedric. Ha, okay I heard this funny joke the other day. It was about the actor of Cedric and the character. So here it is, (SPOILER ALERT): "Cedric Diggory didn't die, he became Edward Cullen. Lord Voldemort, he found something worse than death!" Ha, funny right my readers. Well if you are a fan of the Twilight series (I hope your not though) it won't be funny. Us anti-twilight fans though find this joke hilarious. I as an Anti-Twilight fan or what I like to call and Twi-Haters, find the joke as a freaking hilarious. So I choose to pick Cedric as the Main Topic of this Blog Post for the night. No this is SPOILER FILLED, blog so if you are reading the Harry Potter for the first time please don't spoil the story and don't read on. You really shouldn't be reading this blog until you read the books :) Read on though I encourage it because this blog is for any Harry Potter fan, new or old! So as my reader I want to ask you, the first time you watched or read Goblet of Fire did you cry when Cedric died? I did I remember seeing the movie with one of my friends. I wasn't a huge Harry Potter fan though then, but I still cried because of Cedric's Dad! I am not sure why I did, but it was sad. Now that I have seen the movie a hole bunch of times I don't cry anymore. I also don't cry when I read the book anymore either because I have read the book so many times. I am listening to it right now for the fact. Now do you remember Cedric in Prisoner of Azkaban? Haha Hufflepuff's snitch. Yeah those were good times. I can remember when I read the book for the first time, I laughed because I didn't realize Cedric was in the third book because I wasn't a huge Harry Potter fan until the year 2006! I know late but at least I am a true Harry Potter fan, and not a twilight Harry Potter fan! Well now this is going to conclude those blog for the night. Not a lot of talk about Cedric, but now I have a new topic to talk about tomorrow. So tomorrow look for a good long Blog Post! Thanks for reading! Email me at or tweet me! Thanks!


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