Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Winner!!!

Okay this is the blog post for the night. It's about the winner of the latest poll, and to tell you Harry Potter Cause upcoming attraction things. Sorry not going to be very long tonight. To tired long day of work but I am going to to my great idea for a blog post tomorrow. So yeah as you can see Goblet of Fire won! Yay with three votes and one vote to Chamber of Secrets. So for upcoming things on this blog. A new poll will be up sometime tomorrow. It will be about something Harry Potter of course, but I am not going to tell you at the moment. A new picture is going to replace the Order of the Phoenix Book Cover. Also I am thinking about putting up some quote of the day thing. So to see these new things just check back here sometime tomorrow. Maybe in the morning, but i am not sure yet. So yes I will blog tomorrow. Thanks for reading this short blog. Live Love Harry Potter!!!! Thanks again.


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