Monday, August 2, 2010

Rest In Peace, Sir!

Albus Dumbledore was a great wizard. For may he rest in peace. Professor, or not he was a caring man right to the very end. He died to bring Lord Voldemort down. He started the organization known as the Order of the Phoenix. He did everything he could do to protect the secret of wizards against the muggles. I chose Dumbledore as the topic for the night, well because a tweeter on Twitter tweeted me today and asked me what my favorite Harry Potter character was today? Well that got me thinking (oh by the way if you are that tweeter reading this thank you,) it got me thinking about the characters of the Harry Potter world. I always knew my favorite character was Professor Dumbledore because he's funny, smart, old, wise, and all around a good guy. I have always had him as my favorite character. Now I want to ask you my readers, who's your favorite Harry Potter character? Why is that character your favorite? I told you mine and why. Now I am going to talk a little bit more about the greatest wizard of Harry Potter's Time. Dumbledore! In the first book we really didn't learn much about him, he wasn't even in it very much maybe a couple one or two scenes, but he still was funny and awesome. In Chamber of Secrets, he takes a bigger toll on the story about the Chamber and Hagrid. The third book brought him closer to Harry, and then the forth book brought him even closer yet. He became a much bigger character in the forth book. By the time the fifth book came around, we knew more about him than ever. He ignored Harry to protect Harry because he cared to much about him. The sixth one is where he meets his end unfortunately. ;( In that book though he helps Harry on how to help defeat Voldemort, and then in the final book we learn all about his past. In Deathly Hallows we learn all about him. Not all good things, but all about him and his family. I loved Dumbledore. He was my favorite character, and he still is. I hope he rests in peace. He truly was a great man. So yeah this post was more of like a summary/speech for Dumbledore, but yeah that what this one was about. It was about my favorite character. Now I like you to email me your summary/speech on your favorite character. Answer these two questions too: why is that your favorite? And why is she/he important? Thanks for reading my readers.


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