Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Come on Jo!

As you all probably know by now that I own an iPad. Well when I bought my iPad I was hoping to buy the Harry Potter series for my iBooks app! I love reading on the iPad. It was sad to find out that they weren't available to get them. Then I research it and find out that Joanne Rowling, the amazing author, doesn't want he books to be released in the ebook format. Why not? I mean she would make a whole bunch of money. I own like 17 Harry Potter books, and I am still planning on the whole series over again when they are released on iBooks. I know they will. I hope it is very soon. I have two of the audiobooks on CD's, and one on cassette. Haha, I am planning on buying the other ones when I get some money because they aren't exactly cheap on iTunes. Haha now I know this is a heated debate between the real book and the ebook format, and what kind people like better. I love reading on my iPad! It makes it a blast to read, but nothing can compare to the original hard-cover paper book. Using ebook saves the environment, it also makes the books much more portable, because you can carry all 7 books on this thin device instead of carrying all the big books in a suitcase. Makes it more portable. I could have everything Harry Potter with me then. Books, Movies, Music, and games! Ha, I love Harry Potter and it would be great if I could have the greatest books of all time, my favorite books, with me at all times to read and read. So what is your thought on the Harry Potter books going ebooks? Will you buy them when they are available? Because I found out that Jo is considering the fact to let them go ebook. Come on Jo please oh please let them go ebook! Now I know people like the normal book better. I do too. Well not better, but I love the normal book too. It's not so easy to carry all the books around like the iPad. So yeah I hope she releases them into the ebooks format for all us ebook reading huge Harry Potter fans. We are awaiting the ebooks patiently. Well thanks for reading this Book Topic Blog. Another blog coming tomorrow or maybe another tonight. So tune in later. Thanks again.


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