Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Will Begin And End!

As you all know, tomorrow is the 100th day until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One! You also know that I am going to be celebrating 100 days until that movie with my Harry Potter Cause's 100 days of Deathly Hallows, but now I am adding the Part One to the title of this celebration. Why? Well because it's only for the Part One of Deathly Hallows, and it's only Part One of the 100 days of Deathly Hallows because I will have to celebrate again with Part Two for Deathly Hallows Part Two. Now as yup all know I am going to be watching the latest Deathly Hallows trailer 100 times tomorrow. Now all I can say right now is that I am really excited for this celebration. I really can't wait for Part One as you can see with the poll. The movie is going to be so freaking epic. I just can't wait! Now tonight at midnight which I am going to stay up to, to watch the trailer ten times before bed, I am going to make a review Blog Post for the trailer since I have not yet done that and I have always planned on doing that. I also have to watch Prisoner of Azkaban for the "From Beginning to End" Marathon. Remember to do that also my readers. So tonight's midnight blog is going to be quite long. Now I know nobody will be reading it tonight, but I am going to do it anyway just tune back in tomorrow to read the blog post. So thanks for reading for now! Will blog at around 12:30 this morning! Remember to email me with comments or question or tweet me! Thanks!


Remember to tune back in tomorrow for the first of the 100 days of Deathly Hallows Blog Posts! 101 more days! :D

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