Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harry Potter Cause's "100 Days of Deathly Hallows!"

Next Wednesday, August 11th, is the 100 day mark until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is released in theaters. So I am going to celebrate these 100 days. I have a huge plan to celebrate the 100 days. Just me, but you as my readers can also go along with this celebration. So on the 100th day I am going to watch the newest trailer to the movie, 100 times. Yes that is right 100 times in that day. (Reminder: also on that day, that is the day we should be watching Goblet of Fire for "From Beginning to End" Marathon.) That is going to be one long day. Now on Day 99 I am going to be tweeting quotes all day from the Deathly Hallows book. 99 tweets to be exact, and you can Retweet this to join in on the fun. Now I am only going to be releasing the information for 10 days of this celebration at a time. I am releasing this information early due to the fact that to see if you are interested in doing it with me as my readers. Now on Day 98 I am going to be tweeting about the book, parts from it, maybe even about the characters. Day 97, I am going to start listening to the audiobook version of Deathly Hallows, this part of the celebration is going to go on to Day 94, and during these days i will be tweeting quotes from the book.Now just to let you know, everyday on Twitter I am going to tweet how many days left until the movie so you know what day I am on because it will be the same. Day 97 means 97 more days until the movie. Now on Day 93 I am going to do some trivia that night on Twitter and I am going to ask 93 questions Deathly Hallows based, then on Day 92 I will release the answers. So get a paper and pen ready those days to see if you were right! Now the last Day planned is Day 91, and on Day 91 I am going to watch Half-Blood Prince. Why? Well because it is the movie before this one and I need to be ready for it. Now I ask you, would you like to be in this celebration? If yes then tweet me or email me with other plans for the rest of the upcoming days. I am going to need some ideas. I would also like to know who is competing. It would be nice to know. Remember you can email me at and reach me on Now on a much smaller note, as you can see the winner for the poll is Deathly Hallows. A new poll will be up later tonight. Just in case you were wondering. Well thanks for reading my wonderful readers. I hope you celebrate this awesome event with me. I am off to read Goblet of Fire for the "From Beginning to End" Marathon (oh yes I would also like to know how that is coming along my readers!) Thanks again!


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