Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Golden Snitch

At last, the Wizarding World's official sport, Quidditch. We all know what and how quidditch is played. That is not the point of this discussion. The point is to talk about how cool it would be to play, and if you played what part of the team do you think you would be on. Well let's start with the game play first. Remember in Goblet of Fire, The Quidditch World Cup, how the game was so fast and awesome, well in Harry's eyes we saw. Well I bet it was awesome anyway. I think it would be really cool to play a game of quidditch. Why? Well the fact that you are way up in the air is a sweet thought. On the Firebolt it think would be cool to be going really fast. I mean really really fast. I remember hearing though that the actors hating filming the quidditch scene's because of the broom sticks. Why? Well can you imagine sitting on a thin piece of wood, letting it ride up your . . . . Ha well yeah I can and don't want to imagine the feeling. God that has got to hurt. Now if I was on a quidditch team for my house I would want to play seeker, but I think I would play best as a Chaser. Why do I think that? Well because I am a good shot, but not very good at catching things, and I can't hit anything at all. Haha yeah so no beeter job for me either. Now I am asking you, do you think it would be cool to play quidditch? What spot on the house team do you think you would play best as, or what part do you wanna play if you do? Email ke with your answers please at or tweet me in twitter. Thanks for reading my readers. Remember to vote on poll. Thanks!


106 more days to Part One! :D

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