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Remember awhile back, maybe a week ago. Remember I did a Blog Post for the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack. When I did that post I said that I was going to be doing other Blog Post's for the other soundtrack's. Well here is the post for the Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack as you can see with the picture above.

Before I get to that though, I would like to announce the winner of the second, Guess that Chapter, contest! The winner of the contest was, lsangeadov. Once again she beat out everybody who participated in the contest. She has informed me that she is working on the blog, and she will send it in sometime tomorrow. I will not be able to post in online until tomorrow night due to the fact that i will be busy all day long until around six o'clock tomorrow night. She has told me the topic of the Blog Post she is writing, but I do not want to give it away to you readers. So make you tune back in tomorrow night for a special blog from Isangeadov. I will be also posting a blog later after I post her's up. Mine probably won't be up until around nine, ten o'clock tomorrow night.

Now for the Main Topic of this Blog Post. The Order of the Phoenix Official Movie Soundtrack. I am going to be talking all about it. In fact I am listening to the soundtrack write now as i write this blog. Firstly I want to again highly recommend buying all of the Harry Potter Movie Soundtracks if you are a Harry Potter fan. They are extremely good, and as you listen to them you can picture the movie in your head. It is that good, and they are that amazing. Now I want to tell you my top five favorite songs on this album. I can't choose really my favorite, but if I had to I would say that the song Professor Umbridge, is my all time favorite upon this album. Why? Well because I can just see Umbridge walking around the school fixing the schools outfits, measuring Flitwick, and all the other things she does in the movie at that part. Another thing I really like about this song, is that it is really catchy. What I mean by that is, is that i can't get it out of my head once i listen to it. It just has a wonderful beat to it. I can't help but hum and hum the song over in my head. It just is a wonderful song. My next favorite song within this album is called, Flight of the Order. I am guessing you know which part of that movie is. No? Well it is a part from the beginning of the movie where Harry flys away on broomsticks with his guard. Why do I like this song? Well I do for the reason of that it has this certain rhythm to it that just catches you into the song. Another favorite song of mine on this certain album is called, Dumbledore's Army. This song though is not just in the Order of the Phoenix movie. It is also in the movie Half-Blood Prince. Which is the main reason I love this song. In Order it takes place at the part where Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, and George are walking on that bridge towards Hogwarts. They are talking about places for the Army to meet. Then Umbridge over hears them. Now in Half-Blood Prince it is at the Part of Quidditch tryouts, where Ron wins. Listen to the soundtrack and read this, and see if you can remember. It really does work. I like it because it just catches my ear for some reason, but i really really like it. Another song within this album I like is called Possession. This song takes place at the part where Harry is being "Possessed" by Lord Voldemort, and we can see all of Harry's past memories. I really like this song because this scene in the movie is my favorite by far. It is just so emotional, and the song just helps set the mood for it perfectly! I LOVE IT! Now my last absolute favorite song on this album (even though i usually love most of the songs on each album) is called, Ministry of Magic. I think you can guess where this song goes within the movie, but just saying it starts when Harry and Mr. Weasley leave the subway. I like this song well because i can just see the movie in my eyes, and when I hear this song i can see Mr. Weasley trying to look like a Muggle. It just makes me laugh every time. Now you are probably wondering why I called this blog "FIRWORKS," right? Well I named it that because there is a song within the Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack called that. It is the part where Fred and George set of a whole bunch of Fireworks when all the fifth years are taking their O.W.L.S I like this song a lot. It didn't make my top five because well it can be boring at times, and some spots within the song I don't like. Most people who listen to the soundtracks usually love this song. The only part of that song I like really is the beginning. Now that is my look of the Order of the Phoenix Official Movie Soundtrack. Thanks for reading about my favorite songs from this movie.

Well now thanks for reading this long Blog Post. I actuality think it might have to be my longest yet! WOW! Ha, I did not realize I wrote this much. Well it just kept coming out of me I guess. Well I hope you liked it. You may have noticed though, I put more paragaphish sections into it. I am going to start doing this, to separate the topics within the blogs. Just so you know! :) Thanks again for reading. Any questions or comments, just email me at or tweet me on Thanks again! :D


91 more days until Deathly Hallows Part One! :D :D :D Love Harry Potter! <3

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