Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming in August: From Beginning to End

August! A month were I don't think we celebrate anything from Harry Potter History (correct me if I am wrong!) Well I think it is a time of change for that, and what way better than to incorporate it with the Harry Potter Cause. My plan is to have a "From Beginning to End" month long Harry Potter marathon. What I mean by that is to do everything Harry Potter for all of the month of August. Read the books, watch the movies, read the books (AGAIN,) play the video games (LEGO TOO,) listen to the soundtracks from the movie. But in a certain order, "From Beginning to End!" I had a certain way of doing this. I have been planning this for a couple of days now. Well we would start reading the books first of course because they were the absolute beginning of the entire Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling is the one who started this all for us, and i thank her beyond anyone I can thank. So first for the first week of August you read as much of the Harry Potter books as you can because I know not everybody is a fast reader. Even if you aren't done you still can read them throughout this next part of the plan. For the next six days after that you are going to watch the Harry Potter movies, one for each day of the six days. The reason they are next is because ether were next in the Harry Potter Phenomenon. After that six days if you still haven't finished the books it will still be okay because the next part is to play any Harry Potter video game (or more than one) for five days. You can read the series in between them too. Now while reading process you can listen to the audio books too. That is okay! Haha you can listen to the book while playing the game! My idea though for while you are playing the game is to listen to the Harry Potter Soundtracks in the background. See this is going to be a Harry Potter themed month! You know why August because i don't think there is any other Harry Potter celebration that happened in that month! Now after the five days of video game you read the series again, but in any order you want for the rest of August. BUT one night in that rest of that time you have to have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon, and watch all of the Movies in one night one right after the other. So that is my plan for August: "From Beginning to End!"

So do you think it is a good idea? Please let me know at my email. Or on twitter! My email is noahmarkbitney@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.


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