Monday, July 26, 2010


Haha yes! This is what this blog is about! Ha, so who all here has bought this game? Well I have and I am in year three! I bought he game when it first came out, but I have been really busy. Now though because of my plan which I am going to mull over one more day, take good notes on it, and then tell you. Because this idea is going to be so grand, I think I will do it every year, and every August. Why August right? Well I am choosing August to do this because it is the month where nothing special in the Harry Potter whorl happened, but now that is about to change. This idea is going to help the Harry Potter Cause in so many ways. It is huge! It is grand! Now sometime tomorrow (most likely at night) I will tell you this idea. Okay now back to this blog, and what it is about. Ha, okay now the Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, is an absolutely great game. I think it is the greatest Harry Potter game ever! I mean I like the other ones, but this game tops them all and makes the adventure fun for all ages. I can't wait to play it again sometime soon. Me and a friend of mine played it all day and all night (well until like 12.) I really like how almost everything in the game is Lego. How you have to build things to get to the next level. It's just so much fun, I don't want to give away to much information about the game for people who haven't bought it yet. But you can play as almost anyone in the entire world of Harry Potter. You can go anywhere in the Hogwarts castle. Well after you bet the levels that correspond with the castle. Well I think I have given enough info about the game. Oh wait may I say that the graphics are really good with the game. Another thing the storyline of the game might not be all that close to the books, but they make it funny and enjoyable. So now my readers tune in tomorrow for my info on my August Idea and something else randomly picked from the wondrous world of Harry Potter.

"Your a wizard Harry!"


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