Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey I am so terribly sorry about the not posting new blogs. I have been extremely busy with work, but I am going to make a promise now. I promise to post at least one blog post each day! Because the Harry Potter Cause is where I talk about everything Harry Potter. Now since I haven't been posting in 2 days. I, today am going to make this blog post twice as long, but still one subject. So as you can see, this post is about Half-Blood Prince. I chose this for a topic tonight for many reasons! Reason number one, well because I have just bought the book on soft-cover tonight again. My other soft cover edition of this Harry Potter book unfortunately split into two pieces because of over reading, so I decided to get a new one tonight in preparation for August "From Beginning to End!" Who's excited for that? Huh? It's going to be a blast, I just can't wait fir August to start! Now another reason why I chose this as a topic for tonight is be use of the movie version of the book. What are your thoughts on the movie edition of this book? Well my thoughts are, that the movie did a pretty good job with following the story, but it had a few minor tweaks. Okay maybe more than a few, but I really liked it. Still not my favorite of the Harry Potter movies. My favorite is Goblet of Fire. (ahh talking about all of this makes me get all excited for August!) All of the actors and actresses in the movies got a whole lot better. Most importantly the trio's acting got a lot better. I also like actually the scene they added in, with the burrow burning down. Now for my third reason and final reason for choosing this as a topic for the night, is what is your take of the book? Did you like it? Does it set up the beginning of the end? Well for starters I think it did set up the beginning of the end! In fact it did a brilliant job doing it. No I didn't like the book. I LOVED IT! I think everything about this particular book was awesome. I liked how we got to learn a little bit more about Draco. SPOILER ALERT! Dumbledore's death did not shock me the first time i read the book. I knew he was going to die, you could tell throughout the story, but not saying it isn't sad. I think this is one of the saddest deaths because Dumbledore was always my favorite character. Now if you want to answer to my questions just email me at please. I would also like any feedback you have to offer. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be able to post a blog post, for someone's special day! :) Also again I am sorry about the not blogging in the past two days I won't let that happen again!


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