Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Hungarian Horntail!"

Now it's time to talk about a Harry Potter movie on Harry Potter Cause. Goblet of Fire as you can see. In my opinion this one is my favorite, and yes my favorite over the Half-Blood Prince movie. Why you may be wondering? Well I am not sure why, but this movie has always got to me in a way unlike any other. This movie is filled with action. I also like it mostly because of task one! I love dragons! They are like my favorite magical creature, and in Goblet of Fire I really like the look of this one. Now the story line of this one is good very very very good, but this is like my 4th favorite book. My favorite is Deathly Hallows, then Order of the Phoenix, and then then of course this one. How ironic that it's the fourth in the series and then my fourth favorite one. Another thing like about the movie is Lord Voldemort's return! Ha, I know that is a bad thing that I like the bad dude coming back, but this one sets up the rest of the series. For the movies! Ha, but of course I love the books more than the movies. I will always feel that way. I know the movie didn't do justice to the book, but it is a very good movie in my opinion though. Oh, I also like the part where Dumbledore gives the speech to the students at the end. Okay now talking about this book, and the movie I want to go read this one. I also wanna go watch it! Ha, see how addicting Harry Potter is. It's very very addicting. Ha, I think I am going to watch it soon. NO! I have a plan though for all of August. I will tell you this plan tonight. I think it is a very good plan, but you will have to the judge. Of course it's for the Harry Potter series.

So i hope you enjoyed this first real blog, not an introduction one!


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