Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potter's Army Redesigned

Well hey readers!!! As I said I was going to at least but a Blog Post out about the new features today on February 1st of 2011. Every month I want to try and create a new theme for Potter's Army with some significant thing to do with the Harry Potter world. This month's I choose to do the books of Harry Potter. Well why didn't I choose the Blog Picture for this particular blog post to be a book cover or something? Well it has something to do with the new theme, a certain feature in this theme. I will get to that later though. So, you all know what this blog post is going to be about, it is going to be about the new theme of course. I will of course go back to my regular random Harry Potter thing's posts tomorrow. So lets get to it! :D

Well the first new feature I want to talk about is the flashback section. It is labeled as, A look back at Harry Potter book history. This feature is pretty self-explanatory. It will be updated daily now that I have my laptop at a fully mobile capability. It just is a daily basic flashback about anything that has happened in the past about the books. I am really hoping you will all like this. The next thing I want to talk about isn't really a new feature it's just changing a little bit for this month. The Quote of the Day section is normally a mix between Book and Harry Potter movie quotes. For just this month it is just going to be book quotes, since the main theme of Potter's Army this month is the books. Now another completely new feature that I have added is called the Chapter Image of the Day. It is a random Chapter Image (USA version) from the Harry Potter books, that will be updated daily, it is the Chapter Image of the Day! One special thing about this particular thing is that if you click on the image it takes you to another page on Potter's Army that is only assessable through this image, and on this page it shows you all (almost) of the images from that particular book that the Chapter Image of the Day is in. So, make sure you check that out. Now a really anticipated feature that has been added to the blog is the Potter's Army Facebook Page! I have had a lot of people asking if there was a page to 'Like' on Facebook for the blog, and I never had made one because I was running off of my iPad. Now, I have a laptop and there is a 'Like' Page on Facebook, the link for the Facebook Page is on the Potter's Army entertainment sidebars. So make sure you 'like' Potter's Army on Facebook. Another thing on the Facebook subject, there is a share bar for you to share Potter's Army to your Twitter Page or Facebook Page. Now another new little thing added is the Part One DVD countdown. I know not for the books, but that was just added today since the release date for Part One on DVD date was actually released today. Thought you might like that?

ANNNNNDDDD NOOWWW FOR THE LAST NEW FEATURE ON POTTER'S ARMY!!! As you might have noticed that the links on Potter's Army are green, and then whenever you 'hover' your cursor (laptops, and desktops only) over the link it turns blue. WHY IS THAT? IS THERE A REASONING BEHIND IT??? YES THERE IS!!!!! The green is for Harry's eyes in the book. He has green eyes, Jo has made that specifically clear in the books. BUT in the movie's, Danielle Radcliff has blue eyes (which is why I chose the image I chose). So, I made the links green and blue just to show the significance of Harry's eyes! Not really cool I know, but I thought it a neat feature to add.

Now thanks for reading about all the new features on Potter's Army. I am hoping you will enjoy them throughout this month. I would love to hear what you think about the new features, email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your thought's on them please. I want to hear your feedback. Make sure you email me though too with your own blog post you might have, a PicPost, questions about anything Harry Potter, or comments too. Again I am hoping you will enjoy the new features. If I add anything I will make sure to all let you know, and hey also remember to tune back in tomorrow for my back to regular posts! Thanks again for reading, and remaining loyal to Potter's Army.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One DVD release date was released today! April 15th it is going to be released. I will talk about all of it tomorrow, if you want to know more about what features will be in the Blu-Ray Combo Pack, and the DVD features tune back in tomorrow, and for a Book Excerpt. Thanks again for reading! :D

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