Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"I don't think I mention a graveyard!"

Hey readers. Sorry about the fact of no post earlier today, I have been busy at school (like always). I said though that I was going to do a couple of Blog Post's today, so here we go with the first one. Before I get to it though I would like to say that Potter's Army is approaching 100 Blog Posts. This Particular Post is the 98th Blog Post I have done here on Potter's Army, so lets get to this post shall we.

Now in this post I want to talk mainly about the graveyard scene in Goblet of Fire. What about it really can I talk about it? Well I know we all know what had happened there, but I want to briefly go over that scene because it has got to be my favorite scene in the Goblet of Fire movie, but I think it hits my top 10 favorite Harry Potter movie scenes. Well we all know that Harry had gotten to the Graveyard in the third task of the Triwizard Tournament. He and Cedric had made it to the cup, but it took them to the graveyard where Lord Voldemort and Wormtail were waiting for Harry. Cedric was killed by Wormtail on Voldemort's orders. Then Harry gets tied up to a statue/tombstone, and the Wormtail starts the incantation/potion thing. "Blood of the enemy!" That is where Harry is needed. Wormtail takes blood from Harry's arm by cutting it with the knife he had just used to cut of his own hand (movie). Lord Voldemort then rises once again. He has taken full body form once again. We all know this, and of course I didn't go into super detail there I just gave the brief overview of what had actually happened in the graveyard. Read Goblet of Fire for a more (and greater) detailed version of that part in the Harry Potter series. Actually read all of the books because they are amazing am I right? Anyway lets get back on subject here. Now what do I really wanna talk about the graveyard for? Well I want to discuss the importance of this scene really. Yes, I know we all know it is an important scene because this is where Lord Voldemort comes back. Well that isn't the importance I am talking about! Rewind four years. What would be today's date? February 2nd, 2007, before Deathly Hallows was out, and when we were giving guesses on if Snape was 'Good or Evil?' Remember those times, ah so long ago. Why did the time have to pass? Okay sorry got to get back on task. Yes so that is what I want to talk about Snape being good or bad. Not a lot to talk about with this graveyard scene, but it is what I want to talk about. I always thought Snape was Good, but I thought Dumbledore was never dead too. I will talk about this all another time though. So what about Snape and this scene. Well while I was waiting for Deathly Hallows I re-read the Harry Potter Books several times, and when I always got to the Graveyard scene here when Lord Voldemort talks to his Death Eaters. He says these words which made me think I was right in Snape being 'Good' like I thought he was, "One, too cowardly to return . . . he will pay." If you do not remember this part in the book, just go to page 650 of Goblet of Fire, this section can be found at the bottom of the page! When he says that though I thought he might be talking about Snape. Which might have been correct though, even though Snape did his apology to Voldemort that we learn about in Half-Blood Prince which makes us to believe he is 'Evil.' We never really know Snape's true fate until the end of Deathly Hallows! :( So yeah I just wanted to point out a significant section in Goblet of Fire, a detail someone could have overlooked. I am sure some of you all made that connection too.

Well, this was kind of a LookBack Post as I would like to call it. I will be doing some more of these kind of posts in the future I think. I know though that this post wasn't a very good one, but I thought I'd put it up here and let you all be the judge though! So, thanks for reading this post though. I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure you tune in tonight or later today for a Book Excerpt, and maybe another Blog Post. A book excerpt for sure though. Also make sure you email me at with questions, comments, suggestions, a PicPost, or your very own blog post! Thanks again for reading though, and I really hope you enjoyed this post even though it wasn't all that great! :D


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