Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Harry Potter Cause! (created by: Noah Bitney)

Okay below is an informational Blog Post about the Harry Potter Cause. It is for my new readers! Its not the best, but i hope you enjoy it! :) It just tells you the history of the Cause and everything about the blog! :) I know i said i wasn't going to do another informational blog, but i thought what if i have new readers and they don't know what this is for! Well here it is. . . . .

On June 28th of 2010, the official trailer was released for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Excitement followed this trailer from millions of people around the world. So much excitement for Part One of the Deathly Hallows, enough excitement to get Deathly Hallows as a trending topic on for three days. After those three days though, I (Hpfan7) on twitter heard from a follower of mine that the twitter officials, or whatever you call those people, said they wouldn't allow it to be a trending topic any long.
Well i being a true Harry Potter fan wanted justice for the wonderful series. So i began this little thing called the Harry Potter Cause. What does that mean? Well if you are a part of twitter you know what a trending topic is. So I told my followers to help the Harry Potter cause by tweeting these following word to get them to trending topics so we could show twitter what us Harry Potter fans can do. So the words i had them tweet to get trending were: #harrypottercause #harrypotter #deathlyhallows #lumos or anything Harry Potter related.
When I started this Cause i had like 50 followers on twitter. Now almost two months later i have 235 followers. By this i am hoping that the cause is spreading. I want to help the Harry Potter series, by showing the world what we can do!
Then on July 25th of 2010, I decided to start a Blog for the cause. Everyday i will write sometimes a long blog or a short blog about anything Harry Potter! I mean anything. I also made the "From Beginning to End Marathon" and the Harry Potter Cause's 100 Days of Deathly Hallows Part One. I also have just started the "Guess That Chapter" contest in which my readers have a chance to win at writing for the Harry Potter Cause Blog, if they can be the first to tell me the chapter, page number of the chapter, and the book it is in first via email.
By making this blog I was hoping to spread the Harry Potter Cause even further into the spotlight! I hope all my readers on the blog are doing anything they can to spread the word about the blog. I also hope all of my followers are tweeting #harrypottercause to help the cause. It has almost been two months since the beginning of the cause. I hope by the time of the six month mark we might have put a dent in all that i plan to succeed at. By then though i hope to have a couple of things more started for the cause.
Now I used to have the cause just to help something Harry Potter become a trending topic on twitter, but now I have a whole new task for the Cause. My task is to show the world what us true Harry Potter fans can do. What do I mean by that? Well I want to show the world that Harry Potter is something more than a series. It is something so much more. It is my life. Harry Potter did so much for the world and i don't want that to die out. I want the cause to help.
If you read the blog, thank you for reading. I enjoy writing each post for us Harry Potter fans. I think it is nice for people to read something about Harry Potter that the are also thinking themselves, but thats just me! I am here for the Harry Potter series, and i am here to stay to continue to support it for my entire life. If you follow me on twiiter, thanks i hope you are enjoying my tweets and are helping the #harrypottercause.
The blog can be found at if you are interested in finding it to give it a whirl! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing each blog, creating new poll's, and finding photos of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Thank you for reading this information on the Harry Potter Cause.

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