Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guess that Chapter?

Okay this is a new portion on this blog of mine! It's going to be called, Guess that Chapter! What I am going to do is once a week post a picture of a chapter within one of my blogs! Then I want you to email me, only email me at with your answer! I it in this order to! Book title, chapter number, chamber title, the page number, and your Twitter username! The first one that is right will get a shout out on Twitter, and get to write the next blog post! How well I will email you back telling you that you have won the price, and that I want you to write your very one Harry Potter Cause Blog Post and email it to me whenever you can! Then I will post it online! So sound like fun? Well lets see if you can guess this chapter?

Remember to email me at

Now 100 days of Deathly Hallows. Well I have been working a lot lately and I just want to change the plans a bit since I have been not doing what I said I will! Tomorrow for Day 95 I am going to start reading Deathly Hallows! Then when I finish it I will tell you what's up next! Sound good? I am sorry again! I will watch the latest trailer at elates once a day though still! :) thanks again for reading this blog! Help spread the word about it though! I also encourage feedback via email or Twitter! Thanks again!


Live, Laugh, Love, Harry Potter! :D

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