Friday, October 1, 2010

The Newest Part One Trailer

Well here is the special blog I was going to release last night for you my readers. I fell asleep before I could write it. So sorry, but here it is for you to enjoy!

So, as you can tell by the title and the picture for this blog, it is going to be about the latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One trailer! Well what about it? Well, I am kind of going to give my review/personal opinion of the trailer, and what it showed us. Like all the new scenes we got a look at.

So if I were to rate this trailer, I would give it a Five out of Five stars! Why? Well because it was AMAZINGLY EPIC!!! Just like the poll voters had said. The winning response to the last poll was AMAZINGLY EPIC! So I am guessing that the most of you readers thought that this specific trailer deserves a 5 out of 5 star rating. Other reasons it gets a 5 out of 5, well because it showed a lot of what is coming with the first part of this epic finale. Not to much though to give away the plot! Now what I mean? It was just right on the content they gave us! It makes the movie want to be seen by non-Harry Potter fans! That is just amazing. I really liked this trailer, and I am coming to conclusions by saying that all of you did too! Now the new content Warner Brothers gave us! Well firstly the thing I am most glad they showed us was like maybe a 5 second look at the SEVEN POTTERS SCENE!!! That is what I really liked. I also liked the part at the wedding. Another really amazing part they showed us was our first look/scene with the new Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour. I was really glad with that scene. It makes everything seem so dark. The Malfoy Manor scene with Professor Snape WAS AWESOME! "I must be the one to kill Harry Potter." I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Oh they also showed us scenes from the part in the book where Harry dives into that pond and tries to get the sword. I liked that. It may seem like they released a lot, but really it is just enough! I am not even going to ask for another trailer! They have done enough now, we just look forward to some EPIC TV spots, am i right? Haha one thing I was confused with was the part where the guy was smiling at Voldemort? What was that? OH WAIT I FORGOT ONE SCENE I LOVE! The part with Luna's Father when he yells 'I'VE GOT HIM!" GOOSEBUMPS!!!!! Haha. Oh one other thing is when Harry says this at the Shell Cottage scene, "Help me!" I LOVE IT! Ugh this trailer every time I see it gets me so excited for the movie even though I already am! Ugh 49 MORE DAYS AWAY! Can you wait that long? I am going insane! AHHH! :D

Haha, well I hope you enjoyed this SPECIAL BLOG POST! Today, is going to be a busy day for blog post. Tonight i have to do the Movie Talk, in which I would like you readers to pick the movie, just comment in the comment box, or email me at, or tweet me on my @HParmy account! Well I also have to do a BOOK EXCERPT and one of my regular blog posts since this was a SPECIAL BLOG POST! :D Well i hope you enjoyed this blog post! Thanks for reading my awesome readers.


So make sure you tune in tonight for lots of blog posts! :D Thanks again! :D

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