Friday, September 24, 2010

Tune in tonight!!!!!

Potter's Army will begin tonight! Recruit now by following @HParmy on Twitter! That is the only entry fee or task! That is all you have to do to recruit yourself in Potter's Army.

Here is a little sneak peak at what that Potter's Army is going to include:
1. Potter's Army, Recruit yourself in the Cause!
2. Potter's Army will be everything the Harry Potter Cause was and more!!!
3. Potter's Army, Daily Updates about random things from the wondrous
World of Harry Potter.
4. It will also include contests.
5. Chances to win ways to write for the Potter's Army Blog, and have loads
Of people to read what you wrote about something Harry Potter.
6. Potter's Army will include lengthy book excerpts included within the blog!
(credited of course to the publisher and the incredible Joanne Rowling!)
7. Weekly Polls
8. Daily Quotes (hopefully)
9. And much much more to be released tonight!!!

So make sure you tune in tonight to get the rest of the details on the new and improved Harry Potter Cause, now called Potter's Army. Remember to recruit yourself in the army! :D


56 more days!!!!!!! :D oh and the URL for the site will be changed tonight! So make sure you check with my Twitter account when it is changed so you know where to reach Potter's Army!

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