Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part One, November 19th (POSTERS!)

Well well well. . . . This is what I like to call an EXCLUSIVE DEATHLY HALLOWS BLOG POST! Why? Well I like to do blog post's about the Deathly Hallows film that is coming, but this one is BIG NEWS since it just happened like maybe an hour or two ago! As you can see above NEW DEATHLY HALLOWS POSTER'S were released today! The above picture is one of the three that were released. One including Harry Potter of course, another with Ron, and the last one with Hermione of course (below are Ron, and Hermione's.) These posters are really really amazing, I am going to definitely HAVE to buy the Harry one at least if not all of them! I still yet have to find the first Deathly Hallows Poster that was released after the other trailer (the one with just Hogwarts burning.) Why do I like these new posters? Well I like the dark look of them. Like everything is going bad, and stuff. You get what I am trying to say? It is kind of hard to explain, but I just love movie posters! I have one from every single movie except the second movie and the third. Well here are the other two posters that were released:

So do you own any Harry Potter Movie Posters? Do you plan on buying these whenever and wherever you can? I know I am planning on buying the Harry one at least, but first I have to find where they will be sold! :D If you have any idea where I could buy any Deathly Hallows Poster please let me know by emailing me at I would like to get my hands on one. I would also post it here online so maybe if you wanted to buy one, you know where to find them at. Even if you do have to buy it online! :)

Well thanks for reading this EXCLUSIVE BLOG POST! I am still going to do one of my regular blog posts today (maybe, a lot of blog are happening today i might just skip today's {maybe though.}) Today also I am supposed to be getting an email for the very first You Write blog post. Another blog post yet i have to do today is the BOOK EXCERPT, and a Guess That Chapter contest starter (means i have to start up the contest, so people can guess.) So yeah make sure you tune back in later tonight for lots and lots of posts! :D Well thanks for reading! :)


51 more days until Part One!!!!! :D

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