Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry, but. . . . . . .

I am so so so so sorry about yesterday and no posting any blog what so ever. I had a long day of driving and I was just to tired to blog last night. I am so sorry, but I am here again. Though I guess i should just tell you this now, that school for me is starting (no not at Hogwarts.) School could ruin my time to blog. Most likely I will still blog every night. I am just saying now though that if I don't blog every night it is because of school. I plan on blogging though everyday though. I just thought I ought to let you all know. I am sorry again for not blogging yesterday. I will try and not let that happen again.

Now though we must get to the topic of the first Blog Post of the night. I am sorry, but I must do another Deathly Hallows Blog Post. I know I said I wouldn't do anymore for awhile since I have been doing a lot lately, but I can't help it. Why? Well because it is getting ever so closer until Part One. Also more news comes out each day almost. HUGE NEWS!!!! So I feel like i should talk about it! I need to talk about it. So I am sorry, but tonight's Blog Post is going to be Deathly Hallows related. I think you all know what i am going to talk about tonight Deathly Hallows related though, right? Well if not, I am going to tell you anyway. Tonight I am going to talk about the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One Screen testing in Chicago yesterday, and how some people (lucky people) were able to see the movie. Now my first opinion about this was cool i must admit, but now that I have thought it through and heard of the people that got to see it I think it is stupid, dumb and unheard of! I mean why show just some lucky few of the public the movie early. Why don't you wait to show them in November like the rest of us? It is unfair and just dumb. I wouldn't have minded if it just was like the people who work on the movie, but some people from got to see it to. I mean it spoils the movie for them. Everyone, but the people who have to work on it should wait to see it until it is released. Not be showing the public it 89 days early. I mean i am sorry but it is just dumb dumb dumb. I have never heard of a movie company doing this ever before. I don't like it at all! I am sorry I just don't. Remember this is my personal opinion. If you don't like it I am sorry it just what I think! Why reveal the movie early to some fans. It just makes me UGH! I don't like this at all. Now i bet you think I am just jealous of the people that got to see it, but I am not. Now i know you still will think it most likely that i am jealous. I can't stop this, but I am saying now that I am not jealous one bit. Why? Well because I am going to wait for the date that it is supposed to be released! I know I am really excited but I am going to wait. Just like every other Harry Potter fans (besides those other few) on the planet. Sorry if you didn't like what you heard what I said, but that is what I think about what they did. I am sorry, but it's just what I thought.

Well thanks for reading this blog post. It wasn't as long as I said it was going to be, but I am going to be doing another post in about one hour again. Why? Well since i didn't do one yesterday. Well thanks again. Email me with questions or comments at or tweet me up on twitter. Thanks again! :D


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